Where For Art Thou Mojo?

Wow!  I’ve been off the grid for quite a while.  Ever since summer started I haven’t had any energy or any will to craft.  Why is that?  Hmmm…I wish I knew!  I’ve gone into my craft room so many times, and then just turned around and walked out.  What is going on?

Has this ever happened to you?  I’m thinking there is something wrong with me.  Why don’t I want to craft?  Please, oh please come back crafty mojo.  Has my craftyness left me?  Will I be able to craft again?  That is what has been going through my mind.  It has been worrying me.  I’ve always loved to craft.  I’ve always loved to create.  Why don’t I want to now?  Do I need a break?  Am I just in a slump?

I had a much-needed phone call with a friend about this.  I really needed that talk.  She invited me to her house for four days.  It was some “play” time.  A do-whatever-you-want kind of time.  She is a crafter, too.  She actually has more craft stuff than I do…and that is saying a lot!  So I headed to her place for my creative holiday.

I didn’t really do much of anything at first.  I just wasn’t in to it.  Instead we enjoyed a wonderful dinner out at the Golf Course.  I even brought my new little mascot with me to meet my friend’s mascot.  So without further ado, I introduce to you Piggy along with my new mascot Zeb the zebra!  🙂

Aren’t they a cute couple?  Anyway, the second day I decided to try doing Zendangles.  Yes, that’s Zendangles, not Zentangles.  I ordered myself a book on it, and it arrived just before I went on my holiday.  So I took the book with me.  I have always enjoyed doing lettering.  Not that I have done any in a very long time.  But I took Calligraphy back in junior high school, and really loved it.  My teacher was surprised because he didn’t understand how a left-hander could use the Calligraphy pen properly.  Well, I didn’t seem to have a problem.  In later years I made a few nice cards with Calligraphy writing on it, and some fancy flourishes and flowers.  I liked how they turned out.  I’ve always wanted to do lettering again.  So this was my chance.

I opened the Zendangles book…

Click here to purchase the book from Amazon

…just started drawing (on a practice piece of paper, of course).  I was enjoying it!  I was loving how it was turning out.  I loved it even more when I added color to it!  Wow!  I’m actually liking this Zendangle thing!  Yes, has my mojo come back?  Maybe…

That evening we (along with our eager mascots) decided to make some peach bellinis.  Oh boy, were those ever good!  They went down so smooth!

Our two little buddies enjoyed them, too.  Zeb enjoyed his so much, he fell in!  That was a little…uhmm…embarrassing.  No more for him.

So the next day, I tried doing an art journal challenge from Irreversibly Moi.  The first one was called Calendar.  You were to do something in your journal to do with a calendar.  They gave some ideas like do a page on your favorite month.  That is what I chose.  So I decided to do my page on September because that is my birthday month, and several crafty things are going on that month.  My friend also informed me that there was a crafty contest on Zentangles/Zendangles that was due in a couple of days.  How awesome is that?  I decided to try for that contest.

It took me the next few days to finish the art journal double page.  I was so proud of it when it was done.  My friend also gave me a few ideas to add to it.  Wow!  I actually got a project done!  I’m sorry I can’t show you the project right now.  It’s kind of a secret.  But I will post it at a later date….I promise.  😉

I then decided, since I’m on a roll, to try one of the projects in an online class I’m taking called “Artful Layouts” on Craftsy.  It is such a fantastic class (so far), I suggest you check it out here!  I wasn’t able to finish that layout yet, so I will post the finished layout in the next post.

Anyway, it was nice having my “mojo” visit for a few fun days!  But, alas….I think he took off again!  Well, I’m off to do a little mojo-hunting, so…until next time…and thanks for the awesome food my dear friend!

So…has your mojo taken a holiday?  Tell me all about it in the comments!

I’m on the CSI’s Most Wanted! (Color Stories Inspiration…that is)

OMG!  I am over-the-moon excited!  My layout is in the Featured Photos section of the gallery, and I have been selected as one of the five “Most Wanted” for my layout titled “Invent” for case file #164.

And you’re probably wondering what the !@#$ is CSI?  It is Color, Stories, Inspiration!  You can find them at:


The have many challenges going on each month, with many amazing sponsored prizes!  Everything is set up like a precinct with detectives, and case files, star witnesses, etc.  It’s a lot of fun!  If you have never tried it before, you definitely should!

This is the layout that has been Featured and picked as Most Wanted…

We had to use all the colors in the “Scheme”, choose 2 clues from the Evidence to use, and 1 clue from the Testimony to use.  This was a lot of fun!

Don’t Miss the Create Craft Share DT Call!

Guess what…Create Craft Share is looking for some crafty talent to do videos!

So if you think you have the crafty talent we need, then make sure to get your application in!  I am in this group already, and have been for about a year.  And let me tell you…I LOVE it!  The other ladies on this team are so uber-talented, and fun to work with!  No drama, just lots of fun ladies sharing their crafts!  Very relaxed atmosphere.  We are a tight-knit group, and are always there to support each other.  Isn’t that the best group to be part of?  So don’t hesitate if you thinking of applying…just do it!  You have until June 5th!

Some Technical Difficulties…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

If you have been trying to follow my Blog through Bloglovin’, you might have run in to some problems.  I used to have my blog through WordPress, but decided to go back to Blogger because WordPress was just too complicated.  So if you are still having trouble, please let me know.  I am trying my best to correct any problems.  Thanks for your patience!  🙂

CSI #164 – Invent Layout

I am in love with the website:


It’s just like a police precinct for scrapbookers!  I love playing “detective”.  I have been trolling the site for quite a while…just not sure if I could find time to participate.  Well, I decided to give it a try!  So this is my very first layout on CSI!

Invent Scrapbook Layout

For those of you that aren’t familiar with this website, the layout plans are called “Case Files”.  You are to use all the colors (5 of them), picks 2 items to use on the layout out of “Evidence”, and pick 1 clue from the “Testimony” selections (which are to do with journaling).

So with this layout I used all the colors.  From Evidence I picked to use cogs/gears, and brads.  I cut all the gears out on my Cricut Explore.  I love being able to use my machine to make things like that all different sizes.  The brads I put in the middle of a few gears on some ribbon pieces.  The letters were also cut on my Cricut Explore.  Then I doodled around the letters to make them pop!  And of course you can’t forget the added border called the “drunken friend”.  It’s just a pen line all the way around the edge of your layout, and another squiggly line over it.  After all…everyone needs a drunken friend, right?  LOL!

For the journaling (Testimony), I picked “Invent” (one of the Inspiration Words).  I used that as the title, then journaled on the back…“My son doing an experiment for school on if you can compost liquids. I’m so amazed with the way my son’s brain works! He comes up with some fantastic and original ideas!”.


My Prima Design Team Entries!

I recently noticed that Prima was looking for Design Team members.  When they put out that call, I hesitated.  Was I good enough?  Could I get together enough projects in time?  Could I wow their socks off?

I just wasn’t sure if I should apply.  But I got some very good advice from a friend….”it doesn’t hurt to try”.  So…

My first project to enter for the design team is a favorite of mine.  It’s very original!  It’s my Outhouse with Mini Album!

I love the way it turned out!  I’m so proud of it!  I paid close attention to every little detail.  I wanted it to look like a real outhouse.

I added a Prima branch to the side along with some Prima flowers from the March Special Delivery collection.


Isn’t the inside cute?  I even included a “potty hole”!  Oh, and you can’t forget the poopy paper.  There is even a crescent moon window with screen.  That was a challenge to cut that out.

I used the gorgeous Madeline collection of papers for my cute little mini album.  The album is made out of toilet paper rolls!  I put tags inside, giving more space for photos.



For the front of the album, I used another Prima flower along with a piece of ribbon flower.  The colors of the Madeline papers were perfect for this album.  The browns and greens are the ultimate colors for camping.

My second project is a crochet newsboy hat with Prima flowers adorning it!  The flair button is from the Prima March Special Delivery kit (I love the March kit…can’t you tell?).  The large pink flower is from a kit that came in a tin, from Prima, along with other flowers, ribbon, and sequins.

I used another March kit flower, and a cute Prima fabric flower.  So cute!

I love to crochet, and am really pleased with the way this hat turned out.  I can’t wait to wear it!
My last project is a beautiful Angel Dressform!  I adore the way the wings turned out!  It took me a long time for the wings.  Each feather is made of paper, cut out by my Silhouette.  I glued each one on separately on both sides of each wing.  Then I used a bit of actual white feathers to cover the bases of the paper ones when I glued them on.  I then painted them all over white to make sure it was the white white.  I did a crackle effect on the dressform then made the dress out of fabric and paper.  I used the March Prima Special Delivery kit to decorate it (including the paper).  I trimmed it off with some lacey trim I had in my stash.









I’m in love with this project, and I hope you are, too!  So these are my entries!  Cross your fingers…only time will tell.  I love Prima products!  They are so beautiful, and fun to work with.  There are so many ways to incorporate their products.  The possibilities are endless!

What? The Gentleman Crafter? Yes!!!

I was so excited to attend a weekend of classes this past weekend from The Gentleman Crafter (oh, and his sidekick, Cesar)!  I just absolutely LOVE his work!  His is so talented!  Now I can make boxes in my sleep, thanks to him!

The classes were held at Scrap Addicts in Edmonton, Alberta.  I love that store!  Ivy and Cori-Lyn greeted me as I came in the door.  It was like we were long lost friends!  I was so overwhelmed by the amazing ladies that attended.  Everyone was so nice and generous, and creative!  It was wonderful seeing all the different ways the projects were done.

Our first class was the Wallet.  It was a fairly quick project.  We used the totally drool-worthy Archivist collection by Prima/Frank Garcia.  I really loved the design of this project!  It would make such an awesome Father’s Day gift…

The next project was a Seed Box.  Loved it!  What a fantastic idea!  Perfect gift for any gardener in your life.  I love the grape vine branch that we added to the front.  It just gives it that outdoorsy feel.  And to make the box so it would fit the little round seed containers, AND a journal….pure genius!  The papers Jim (The Gentleman Crafter) chose were perfect for the project!  It was the Home Sweet Home collection!  Love it!  It’s Graphic 45…what else can I say?

We used a scallop corner punch for the front flap of the box.  I love that punch!  Then we were informed that We R Memory Keepers will no longer be making it.  Well, I just had to have it, so I trolled the web til I found one!  I can’t wait til it gets here (let’s hope it gets here)!  It is the We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile Scallop/Cloud Corner Chomper (just in case you were wondering).  It’s definitely a must-have tool!  (**SIDE NOTE:  The store that had it was mistaken…I haven’t been able to find one.  🙁  So if anyone is willing to sell me theirs, let me know!)

I wasn’t able to finish my box in the class, but the rest is just adding the paper to cover the box.  Easily I can do that at home.

The class in the afternoon was a Lantern!  Just gorgeous! And it has a tea light in it to light it up.  It was a little finicky to put together, but I think after doing this once, it would be easier on the next one.  I adore the lions feet on the bottom!  Jim is so fantastic at making boxes!  They are so solid and sturdy!  I wasn’t able to finish the inside of my lantern because I just couldn’t decide how I wanted to decorate it.  So, that will be in an up-and-coming post.

The final day of class was making a Curio Cabinet!  Wow!….Wow!….did I say wow!?!  OMG!  What an amazing project!  It was also quite finicky to put together.  But I think after doing this project, I can build just about anything with chipboard now!  I love how it turned out!  I have a few extra things to add to it, but most of this one is done.  You could make this cabinet in so many different ways using different papers….the possibilities are endless!  The attention to detail on the drawer fronts….LOVE!  I love the door knobs on the front doors, too!    I didn’t know there were such a thing!  I NEED some more door knobs!  I am so proud of this piece!  I actually made it!  Wow (there I go again)!!!

Thank you so much, Jim, for teaching us some totally amazing projects!  Can’t wait to see what projects you will be teaching us next time!  You are a fantastic teacher!  So fun to listen to, so patient, so helpful…so awesome!  And I can’t forget Cesar!  You couldn’t ask for a better “side-kick”!  So nice and helpful, and funny!

Scrap Addicts….thank you so much for bringing such a talented crafter all the way to our little neck of the woods!  I just can’t say enough wonderful things about Jim!  Please, please, please….keep bringing these talented crafters to us!  It’s almost like being in Hollywood…in a crafter sort of way!  They are our crafting celebrities!  Sign me up for next year!

Create Craft Share Youtube Hop – March 2015 (Altered Items)

Wow!  Another month has gone by, and it’s time again for another Create Craft Share Youtube hop!  Create*Craft*Share is hosted by Scrappin Madge (Madge Gillen).  The theme this month is:

Altered Items
You should be coming to this post from my previous fellow designer Jody from Spiegel Mom Scraps.  So if you missed her, please follow the hop links below, then come back to me (in order)!  
 March 2015 Line- Up
THEME: Alter an item of your choice… or alter something and make it “New” again
Here’s some photos of my project (up close):

I hope you enjoyed my project!  I’d love to hear your comments, too!  

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #303

Well, I’m back again…this week I’m working on some videos!

I’m working on a haul video.  I’m going to be showing what I got in my goody bag at Prima Art Venture!  There was a lot of wonderful Prima yummies!  I also bought a few things at the Prima store, too.  😉  I also worked on another video for the Youtube Create Craft Share for March that is coming up at the end of the month.  I do love making videos!
Please check out all the other wonderful ladies that are participating in showing off their desks by going to the Stamping Ground
…til next week!

Dealing With Disaster!

Sorry I have been MIA again.  We have been dealing with a little problem in our kitchen.  Our dishwasher decided to leak under our laminate flooring!  OMG!  We tore out (or rather my son tore out) our flooridng until we reached “dry” planks.  As you can see, there really wasn’t much of our dining area that didn’t get flooded either.

So we went looking for flooring last week.  At first we were thinking of going with tile, but a lot of my friends said a big “no”!  It’s hard on the feet, and if you drop anything on it, whatever you dropped would break.  Then we were thinking of vinyl tile, but then we read that it should be grouted because the lines inbetween the tiles can get very dirty.  I didn’t want grout.  It just looks bad when you are trying to clean it.  My countertops are tiles, and I hate them!  I just think of all the germs in that grout….YUCK!  Anyway…maybe one day we can get a new countertop, too.
After going to several flooring stores, I settled on these three:
Vinyl #1
Vinyl #2
Vinyl #3
I posted all three on Facebook to see what my friends thought of them.  Well, most of them liked Vinyl #3.  I don’t think any of them liked Vinyl #1.  To tell you the truth…I was first going to go with Vinyl #1, but then I looked at them in different light throughout the day and evening.  Thank goodness I did that because I ended up going with the one I liked the least.
And the winner is…
Yes, this was the one I liked the least at first.  But after checking it out over the course of a day, I ended up liking it the best!  The one that my friends liked the most….I didn’t like the fact that it was on a diagonal.  So this is it folks!  The flooring company is coming tomorrow to give us an estimate.
Hopefully once we find out when they are installing I can get back to crafting!  I’ve missed it!  
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