Prima Art Venture 2015 – Edmonton (Part 2)

…thanks for coming back and checking out my post on the Prima classes I took!  So….let’s get down to business…

I arrived…and that’s a real accomplishment in itself sometimes.  I’m not a morning person.  But Zeb kept me amused.  He couldn’t wait to get started, in fact!

Our first class was with first-time instructor Adrienne Ford.  We started out just painting and spraying the heck out of our sheet of paper!  Yes, I had to use my fingers for the painting.  If you know me, you know I don’t like to get my fingers dirty.  But I tried to not let it bother me.  I think I might finally be coming one with the dirty fingers!  Lol!

We were using Prima Mica Powders mixed with gesso (after putting a coat of clear gel medium over the entire page).  I really like the Mica Powders!  The colors are so lovely!  So bright and bold!  I think I gotta get me some now!

Here is my finished page:

I just love how it turned out!  See what I mean about the Micas?  I love the rich colors!  And yes….I even used some gold glitter!  I think it would have been a bit drab without that glitter.  It just gives it that bit of sparkle!  The fillagrees at the bottom and top are metal.  I really love them!  
The last class of the first day was Frank Garcia’s Christmas Album.  How beautiful it is!  It looks so hard to do, but in reality…it’s quite easy.  But boy, does Frank ever boogie in his class.  Not much of a breather between steps.  I do love his classes, though.  He makes what ends up being simple to do, look so stunning!  If you ever have a chance to take a class of his…do so!  You won’t be disappointed.  And you get so much product in your class kit!

Well, because of the “boxes-stuck-at-customs” debacle (see previous blog post), we ended up finished Frank’s class at midnight.  Wow!  What a long, but totally fun, day!  Now to the hotel for some much-needed sleep.  It will be an early day tomorrow…
Back at it!  And Zeb is right there with me…
Our first class today was with the lovely Sharon Laakkonen!  Zeb wanted to get started right away!  Zeb….that little over-achiever!  Lol!  In her class, we were making this lovely framed scrapbook/mixed media page!  Yes, it included the frame!

I decided to use a picture of my son at Yellowstone Park when he was younger.  Maybe I should have thought that through.  Afterwards, I didn’t think he would like it because it had flowers and a bow on it.  But surprisingly he loved it!  He said he didn’t care about the flowers and bow.  And to top that off…I can hang it up in our home!  Yay!  I have such a sweetie for a son.  Anyway…I love this page!  We did some stenciling with beads on it, and lots of layering of papers (which I am still trying to master).  We even added some gold touches to the leaves with Mica Powder.  Gorgeous!  Thank you so much for such a lovely project, Sharon!
Next up was the Telephone class…I was so excited for this!  It was also taught by Sharon Laakkonen.  We got to use the brand new Prima Lumies!  So awesome!  What a great idea to light up your project!  I need to buy me some more of those!  I decided to use a picture of me on my first day of school.  This piece is now on my mantle at home.  It’s so pretty!

The next class was with Adrienne Ford (again).  We did this gorgeous wall plaque!  It was using Prima’s new Enchanted Aviaries Paintables.  They are fantastic!  We colored the teacup with Color Bloom sprays.  Just dip your paint brush in them and color.  We added some texture paste and stenciling, then a LOT of flowers!  Lots of spraying, too!  I am just in “awe” of how it turned out!  Wow!….Wow!  And those little dangles just added that extra little bling.

After that technique-filled class, we went on to Frank again to finish up our Christmas Album.  Let’s just say…I’ll finish it at home.  It was a very long day.  Four classes instead of three!  But I loved every minute of it!  Prima Art Venture is the total bomb-diggity!  For sure!
Have you been to a Prima Art Venture???  Let me know about it in the comments below….
Thank you so much Prima (and Denny) for all you do for these wonderful events!

Prima Art Venture 2015 – Edmonton!

Well, I attended my second Prima Art Venture this year!  This time I took my new little mascot with me…Zeb the Zebra.

It started off with a bit of a problem…I went to pre-register on the Friday night (the night before the Art Venture).  I was told that they didn’t have the goody bags yet, and they are starting the continental breakfast at 11:30 am with classes starting at 1 pm instead of classes starting at 8:30 am.  The reason was that all the boxes were stuck at customs!  What???!!!  Whoah!

Ok…so I arrived the next morning for the continental breakfast, and we started at 1 pm.

Then half way through the class we had to stop because they only had enough supplies to start the class.  The boxes hadn’t arrived still.  So we were told to come back at 4 pm.  We came back, and had to leave til 6:30 pm.  Came back then and had to come back again at 7:30 pm.  The boxes finally arrived!

By then, many people were angry.  I just thought to myself…oh well, shit happens, right?  One lady left after the first class, and got a refund for the rest.  Oh well, to each his own.  So we finished the first class, and went on to the next class.  During that class, Denny (the event coordinator) came in and gave each of us a choice…either we can get $300 in Prima product shipped to us at no charge, or we can go to Prima Art Venture in Anaheim in January for free.  Wow!  That was sooooo unbelievably generous!  I never expected that!  I was saying to someone earlier that if they just give us a Kit-of-the-month box I would be happy.  So this deal was amazing!

I just have to say that Prima Marketing is the best company ever!  They went above and beyond for us attendees!  Denny said that they (him and Prima) just wanted us to be happy.  Was I ever happy!  I had the best time!

To Be Continued…to find out about the classes I took at Prima Art Venture, check out my next post!

Inspire Me Art Journal Contest Entry

Well, I’ve decided since my Mojo made a recent appearance, I better strike while the fire’s hot!  So I am entering my art journal “September” page into the Inspire Me Art Journal Contest.  The prize is $50 worth of art journaling goodies!

They want to know what inspired me to do my art journal page…it was both the Day 1 Challenge over at Fabulous and Free Art Journal Challenge’s Facebook page, and this amazing book:

I have tried Zentangles, but found very frustrating, and frankly…maddening!  It was supposed to be relaxing.  Well, uhm…nope.  I just found myself getting angrier and angrier at what I was trying to create.  But…I remember, recently, that I really love to do lettering.  I’ve been out of practice for a very long time…so why not try to get into it again.  Then I started watching videos on Youtube about lettering.  I happened upon one of Joanne Fink’s videos on ZenDangles.  I was fascinated!  Hey, I can do that!  So I went ahead and ordered her book.  I’m so glad I did!  Here is my very first ZenDangle drawing:

I liked it once I got the initial black drawing done, but after adding the color…wow!  I love how this turned out!  And it’s my very first try!
With that being done, I felt an urge inside me to keep going.  So, I decided to do the Fabulous and Free Art Journal Challenge Day 1, and incorporate the ZenDangle.  The challenge mentioned picking a favorite month.  I picked September.  I have a lot going on during this month (including my birthday).  
I decided to do the word “September” in ZenDangles.  Then put special events going on that month on the page.  At first, I wanted to do a background before doing the ZenDangle, but decided not to.  So I did the ZenDangle first THEN did a background with some Distress Inks.  Even though I don’t really like glitter…you see I have a phobia (glitter gets everywhere)…I added some Stickles to glam my page up.  So what do you think?
I love this!  I love the way it turned out!  I’m so happy with myself, and I want to share this!  

Where For Art Thou Mojo?

Wow!  I’ve been off the grid for quite a while.  Ever since summer started I haven’t had any energy or any will to craft.  Why is that?  Hmmm…I wish I knew!  I’ve gone into my craft room so many times, and then just turned around and walked out.  What is going on?

Has this ever happened to you?  I’m thinking there is something wrong with me.  Why don’t I want to craft?  Please, oh please come back crafty mojo.  Has my craftyness left me?  Will I be able to craft again?  That is what has been going through my mind.  It has been worrying me.  I’ve always loved to craft.  I’ve always loved to create.  Why don’t I want to now?  Do I need a break?  Am I just in a slump?

I had a much-needed phone call with a friend about this.  I really needed that talk.  She invited me to her house for four days.  It was some “play” time.  A do-whatever-you-want kind of time.  She is a crafter, too.  She actually has more craft stuff than I do…and that is saying a lot!  So I headed to her place for my creative holiday.

I didn’t really do much of anything at first.  I just wasn’t in to it.  Instead we enjoyed a wonderful dinner out at the Golf Course.  I even brought my new little mascot with me to meet my friend’s mascot.  So without further ado, I introduce to you Piggy along with my new mascot Zeb the zebra!  🙂

Aren’t they a cute couple?  Anyway, the second day I decided to try doing Zendangles.  Yes, that’s Zendangles, not Zentangles.  I ordered myself a book on it, and it arrived just before I went on my holiday.  So I took the book with me.  I have always enjoyed doing lettering.  Not that I have done any in a very long time.  But I took Calligraphy back in junior high school, and really loved it.  My teacher was surprised because he didn’t understand how a left-hander could use the Calligraphy pen properly.  Well, I didn’t seem to have a problem.  In later years I made a few nice cards with Calligraphy writing on it, and some fancy flourishes and flowers.  I liked how they turned out.  I’ve always wanted to do lettering again.  So this was my chance.

I opened the Zendangles book…

Click here to purchase the book from Amazon

…just started drawing (on a practice piece of paper, of course).  I was enjoying it!  I was loving how it was turning out.  I loved it even more when I added color to it!  Wow!  I’m actually liking this Zendangle thing!  Yes, has my mojo come back?  Maybe…

That evening we (along with our eager mascots) decided to make some peach bellinis.  Oh boy, were those ever good!  They went down so smooth!

Our two little buddies enjoyed them, too.  Zeb enjoyed his so much, he fell in!  That was a little…uhmm…embarrassing.  No more for him.

So the next day, I tried doing an art journal challenge from Irreversibly Moi.  The first one was called Calendar.  You were to do something in your journal to do with a calendar.  They gave some ideas like do a page on your favorite month.  That is what I chose.  So I decided to do my page on September because that is my birthday month, and several crafty things are going on that month.  My friend also informed me that there was a crafty contest on Zentangles/Zendangles that was due in a couple of days.  How awesome is that?  I decided to try for that contest.

It took me the next few days to finish the art journal double page.  I was so proud of it when it was done.  My friend also gave me a few ideas to add to it.  Wow!  I actually got a project done!  I’m sorry I can’t show you the project right now.  It’s kind of a secret.  But I will post it at a later date….I promise.  😉

I then decided, since I’m on a roll, to try one of the projects in an online class I’m taking called “Artful Layouts” on Craftsy.  It is such a fantastic class (so far), I suggest you check it out here!  I wasn’t able to finish that layout yet, so I will post the finished layout in the next post.

Anyway, it was nice having my “mojo” visit for a few fun days!  But, alas….I think he took off again!  Well, I’m off to do a little mojo-hunting, so…until next time…and thanks for the awesome food my dear friend!

So…has your mojo taken a holiday?  Tell me all about it in the comments!

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