10 Creative and Unique Ways To Decorate Alphabet Letters

Have you been to Michaels lately?




Have you noticed all those alphabet letters?


Big ones, small ones, metal ones, wooden ones, light-up ones, etc.


Have you asked yourself why?  What the heck is all this fuss over alphabet letters?


I was perusing the aisles of the Michaels a few weeks ago (which I like to do frequently), and a lady came up to me and asked if I was a crafty person.  I said “yes”.  She then continued to ask me…”What’s with all these letters?  What do you do with them?”  I replied, “I don’t really know.  I was wondering the same thing.”  Well, that got me thinking…what CAN you do with all those alphabet letters?  I had no idea.  So, that is why I went ahead and did some crafty research on what to do with them.

I came across many wonderfully creative ideas for using them.  Please check them out:



DIY Bejeweled Photo Collage Letters

2.  yarn-monogram-letters-28A

Yarn Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter

3.  glam-sequin-monogram-letter-diy.jpg


4.  letter2


5.  letter3


6.  letter4


7.  DIY-Penny-Letters-5-1


8.  map-letters


9.  beach vignette 018


10.  bri alpha1


Hope you enjoyed all these wonderful ideas!  Which one was your favorite???



What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday? #359


Well…I’m still in disaster mode!  I need to do another total craft room re-organize!  But in the picture you can see a project I’m working on for a friend.  It’s a kitty cat album.  My friend is paying me to do the album for a friend of hers that just loves her cat.  Personally I really don’t care for cats, but I’m still having fun doing this album (at least once I got rolling with some page ideas).


I still have another half of the album to do yet, but I think I will just make the pages similar to the ones in the first half.  If I’d realized just how many pages are in this album, I would have picked another one.  Wow!  Lots of pages!  It’s seriously daunting trying to figure out different ways to do each page.  But this album is finally coming together.  I’m hoping to finish it this weekend!

Oh, and if you are wondering what all the colored marks on that piece of paper are…I was trying out all my markers to see which ones needed the boot.  Ya gotta start somewhere with this organizing thing, right?  So my markers are all in one place now.


Next step in organizing?  I have no idea!  Actually, I’m starting to go through a 52 Week Organization Challenge put on by The Keeper of the Memories.  I think I might have better luck with this since it is such a long and detailed challenge.  I have a LOT of stuff to organize!  I will do a post about this soon.  If this interests you, go to her website and sign up!  There is also a Facebook page to go and chat with other people going through the same thing.

So, that’s my mess for this week.  If you want to see more Workdesks…go to the Stamping Ground blog.  There are a lot of amazing creative desks to look at!  What is on your workdesk today?