Had a Fun Weekend!

Well, this past weekend I was by myself (baching it). My two main men went on a trip with Grandpa to Deadwood! We went last year. It’s a fantastic place, so they took Grandpa (knowing he would fully enjoy it).

Anyway, since I was alone, and could do what I wanted, I took an online craft class. It was put on by Paper Phenomenon (on Ustream). We made a paper bag mini album that looked like a backpack! It was so much fun! I tell ya, that Kathy can really get you rolling in the isles! She is just too funny! I will definately take another class from her. I’m still completing mine because I had to make some adjustments. She did it using her Gypsy to “meld” some of the designs together from her Cricut cartridges, but I don’t have a Gypsy or even the Cricut Design Studio (I’m hoping to get that soon). So it will take me a bit longer to complete. I’ll put up a Youtube video as soon as my mini album is finished so everyone can see what I did. I’ll be auctioning the album off at my first sorority meeting of the year (next month).

It’s Mid-Week Again!

Well, my garage sale didn’t exactly go as planned. We had quite a bit of rain Friday. Saturday was a bit cool with a bit of rain occassionally. Lots of people showed up, but not many sales. I’m going to have one more in a few weeks to see if I can clear some more stuff out. But this time it will have to be in my driveway instead of the neighbors garage. She wanted her garage back. So…

I’m still not doing too badly selling on Facebook. So I will keep doing that. I’m just anxious to get my craft room back! I just need to get rid of a bunch of aquarium supplies then I will have room to put my craft table back up. I really want to get back to crafting! But first things first…I need to finish my clients books before doing that. Hopefully I will get that out of the way quickly seeing my son and hubby will be leaving on holiday for a week. Some peace and quiet, and hopefully some craft time!

Almost Another Week

Well, it’s been almost a week since my last post. Last Friday I attended a wonderful craft night on ustream.com. It was put on by Gotham City Stamper (YouTube)–or better know as Heidi! It was so much fun! I love her classes. There were only about 6 to 8 people in the chat room, so it was very easy to keep up on what was going on. I like the small classes. I have attended other classes by another crafter that had well over 100 (more close to 200) in her chat room. It was pretty much impossible to keep up on what was going on. So when you are trying to watch what she is doing AND trying to read the chat, you just start to feel “sea-sick”:(

Anyway…I’m still working on my garage sale stuff. I’m having my garage sale this weekend! What a lot of work! Yikes! Hopefully I can get rid of most of my stuff. I’m also still posting items up on my Facebook to sell. A lot of my son’s toys are in near perfect condition, so I don’t really want to sell them on the garage sale. I would get a better price on Facebook.

Once this garage sale is over I can get my craft table back. Then….it’s craft time. I’m beginning to get withdrawals! I need to get another scrapbook kit together to put up on my Etsy, and some flowers to put up there, too! I’m also thinking of doing my own craft class on ustream. It was just so much fun with Heidi, I thought I would give it a try. I just don’t know who would attend, though. I guess I could just do a YouTube video advertising it, then see what happens. Tell me what you gals think. Would you attend?


My Thoughts

Well, I’m busy doing bookkeeping right now. So I don’t really have much time to work on my scrapping. I have also been pricing madly all the items I want to sell on my garage sale that I’m having August 13th. It’s mostly my son’s toys and clothes. But as I was doing all that, I was thinking about all the projects I have done in the past years that I haven’t finished yet. Boy, there’s quite a lot of them! Anyway, I’m thinking that I should take you along with me as I complete them. So that is what I will do. I will start with one of those projects, show you what it looks like right now, then periodically do some videos of me finishing it. What do you all think? I think that will keep me motivated to finish them. Then when I finish the projects, I will put most of them up on my Etsy shop to sell. Wow, that’s a good idea! LOL! I know these projects aren’t really scrapbooking. They are other crafts like crocheting, knitting, etc. But I really should get them finished. So…..keep watching!


A Valentine’s Day project!

I thought I would try a new kind of craft–one that I haven’t done before. So after seeing this on “Martha”, I had to try it for myself. I think it turned out quite nice! I hand-cut the pink heart with an Xacto knife. It’s called “scherenschnitte”. ┬áIt’s German for the art of paper-cutting design, which literally means scissor-cuttings. It was a popular folk art in the 1800s, used to decorate birth and marriage certificates and even Christmas decorations. This turned out so well, I think I might do a few more!


A Cute Little Home Decor Project!

This is a project I did back in November 2007. I took a class at a local scrapbook store, and we made these. I think it turned out really good! You can add a picture to it by clipping it in the small clip that is on the small dark brown piece of cardstock.
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