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Dealing With Disaster!

Sorry I have been MIA again.  We have been dealing with a little problem in our kitchen.  Our dishwasher decided to leak under our laminate flooring!  OMG!  We tore out (or rather my son tore out) our flooridng until we reached “dry” planks.  As you can see, there really wasn’t much of our dining area that didn’t get flooded either.

So we went looking for flooring last week.  At first we were thinking of going with tile, but a lot of my friends said a big “no”!  It’s hard on the feet, and if you drop anything on it, whatever you dropped would break.  Then we were thinking of vinyl tile, but then we read that it should be grouted because the lines inbetween the tiles can get very dirty.  I didn’t want grout.  It just looks bad when you are trying to clean it.  My countertops are tiles, and I hate them!  I just think of all the germs in that grout….YUCK!  Anyway…maybe one day we can get a new countertop, too.
After going to several flooring stores, I settled on these three:
Vinyl #1
Vinyl #2
Vinyl #3
I posted all three on Facebook to see what my friends thought of them.  Well, most of them liked Vinyl #3.  I don’t think any of them liked Vinyl #1.  To tell you the truth…I was first going to go with Vinyl #1, but then I looked at them in different light throughout the day and evening.  Thank goodness I did that because I ended up going with the one I liked the least.
And the winner is…
Yes, this was the one I liked the least at first.  But after checking it out over the course of a day, I ended up liking it the best!  The one that my friends liked the most….I didn’t like the fact that it was on a diagonal.  So this is it folks!  The flooring company is coming tomorrow to give us an estimate.
Hopefully once we find out when they are installing I can get back to crafting!  I’ve missed it!  
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New Years Vacation! (Part Two)

After New Years in Vegas, our next stop was on to Los Angeles, California!

The first stop on our agenda was to go to Santee Alley.  It is a wonderful shopping district in LA!  Great place to get cheap merchandise!  My son bought a couple of suits along with shirts, ties, belt, socks.

I found myself a few nice things, too.  Including this fantastic purse and wallet!  Love it!

We then went to Angel Stadium to take in the Monster Energy Moto Cross.  It was being shot live for Fox Sports!  It was quite cold…the stadium was open-air.  But a cup of hot chocolate helped warm me up a bit.

It was a fabulous show!  They had a whole bunch of fireworks going off at the end!  Wow!  I didn’t expect that.  
Our next outing was to Santa Monica Pier!  What a beautiful day!  And what a view!  So much better than the cold that was going on back at home.
Oh, and sorry….I had to just put this picture of this cute bird in because he was having such a joyful time bathing in the rinse-off area of the beach!  So cute!  I just love birds!

We took a walk along the pier, and under it.  The sand was so warm on my bare feet.

We enjoyed the afternoon so much!  Gorgeous day!  Several people were playing instruments and singing.  It was also fun watching all the birds hover around the people trying to fish.

Now…on to the final portion of the holiday, which was what I was waiting for by the way.  Prima Art Venture!

So stay tuned for my next post…

(To be continued…)

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My New Years Vacation! (Part One)

Finally….I’m posting how my trip went to the USA over New Years.  We left on Boxing Day, headed to Las Vegas.  Yep, we drove all the way from Alberta, Canada!  It’s just too expensive to fly 3 of us down there.  And besides….then you have to pack all your purchases back with you on the plane.  Much easier when you can load up a car!

On the way to Vegas, I got to meet Scrappin Madge!  We have know each other for a while now, but just online.  We finally got to meet in person!  She’s such a great gal!  We met across from where they filmed a lot of the original Footloose movie!  Actually they filmed most of Footloose in the town of Lehi, Utah.  I had no idea!  That was one of my favorite childhood movies!  Exciting!

When we got to Vegas, we got front row tickets to see the magic and comedy of Adam London!  It was really good!  He was very funny, and did some magic tricks with cards here and there.  It was fantastic!  If you get a chance to see one of his shows, definitely do!

We had a few meals at our favorite restaurant…Steak and Shake.  It’s in the South Point Hotel.  They have the best burgers ever!  Even better than In n Out!  Really!  And the price is so cheap!  Super yummy shakes, too, in all kinds of flavors!
On New Years Eve my son and I went to see Olivia Newton John.  She was wonderful!  My son thought it was pretty good.  He said, “At least she can sing”!  I absolutely LOVED her show!  She sang a great range of songs….from her country songs at the very beginning of her career, to the now.  Lots of songs from Xanadu, and Grease, of course.  There were even a couple of Grease sing-a-longs!  I knew ALL her songs!  I’m a big fan of hers!  Sorry about this photo, though.  Tried to get one of her….ended up getting people’s heads.  🙁
After seeing the concert, we went to join all the crazy-drunk people out on the Strip!  We actually got a decent place to stand.  We were against the fence along the street.  A good place to be if you don’t want to get trampled after the countdown.  It was quite a cold night to be outside, but still fun!
Even picked up some homeless man along the side of the road!  Just kidding!  It was my husband.  LOL!  He’s so silly!
I must add that if you are looking for a super delicious place for breakfast while in Vegas, make sure you check out Du-Par’s in the Golden Gate downtown!  Just as long as you are not allergic to milk.  They make the best ever pancakes, and french toast!  Along with a freshly squeezed in front of you glass of orange juice!  Du-Par’s is also known for having the best shrimp cocktail.  So don’t miss eating there!
And before we left Vegas, I had to visit The Crafting Place.  A friend of mine works there, and they have decent prices!  A place you must visit if you are a scrapbooker!  I bought a couple of things…
Well, that’s it for the Vegas portion of your New Years vacation.  We then headed to Los Angeles, California!  
(To be continued…)
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I got a new phone!

Well, I finally got a smartphone!  Woohoo!  I’ve only been waiting a couple of years.  My son finally had enough of his iPhone….so he got a new one, too.  My hubby said I had to wait until our son got a new phone before I could get one.  Grrrrr…at the time he got his new phone, the one I wanted (well, the one that hubby and son decided I should get) had to be ordered.  They had none in stock.  So….waited some more…
After waiting over two weeks…I decided to contact Rogers directly.  The Rogers store in the mall could only tell me that the phone wasn’t in yet.  That is all, so I Facebooked Rogers (the company).  They told me that type of phone is in very limited quantities and I could phone Rogers head office and have them send one to me.  Hmmmmm…decided I didn’t want to risk not getting the phone at all.  So I went into the mall store and told them I wanted to choose another phone.
Samsung Galaxy
So I ended up getting a Samsung Galaxy!  It will take me a while to figure it all out, but I’m very happy with it!  And of course, I had to personalize it just for me….zebra pattern!  🙂


Submitted on 2014/12/29 at 8:02 pm

It is so nice getting a new phone, hope you like it! I love my Samsung!
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I Hope Bad Things Only Come In Threes…

I have been MIA for a while….just thought I’d let you know what’s up!
So….that’s what I’ve been up to!  (In case you were wondering 😉 )
And here are the links to the videos that explain the “Bad Things” in detail:
iPad Problems
My Laptop Crashed
Viral Vertigo
Keep watching for more exciting things coming up!…


Submitted on 2014/10/19 at 5:17 pm
take care and hope things get better.. BL

Submitted on 2014/10/18 at 3:26 pm

Sending you hugs. Can’t wait to see your craftiness.
Submitted on 2014/10/15 at 4:40 pm
Sorry all these bad things keep happening to you …They should be done now since they do come in 3’s so now it should be all smiles and happy events happening for you.  I look forward to seeing the wonderful crafting you will be sharing with us all.
Lisa (BL)
Sharon Callis
Submitted on 2014/10/14 at 4:47 pm
Here’s to lots of love and light coming your way, onwards and upwards (BL)
Liz Mullen
Looking for forward to your craftiness! Wishing you well (BL)
Hope all is well, looking forward to seeing your craftiness!

Submitted on 2014/10/13 at 9:48 pm
Oh wow what a triple whammy Hope all goes well going forward!!
Big Blog Hugs, Janet (BL group D buddy)

Renee Savoie
Submitted on 2014/10/13 at 10:53 am
Hopefully all of the bad stuff is behind you for the rest of the year. Renee-BL

Submitted on 2014/10/13 at 7:12 am
I’m sorry you have been having a rough time! I hope things will get back on track very soon! Hugs – BL

Submitted on 2014/10/13 at 7:09 am
Oh My!  Jen, I hope that bad things do only come in threes for your sake sweetie!  Hoping to see you crafting again soon!  Miranda – BL

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It’s Halloween Night!

Well, it’s Halloween and all the spooky little goblins are out tonight! My hubby handed candy out this year (put a mark on the wall). I got to work on bookkeeping! Oh, the joy of it all. My son was out trick-or-treating with a girl friend (not girlfriend–not yet, he’s my baby!). He had a lot of fun. My hubby and I went to my sorority Halloween party last night. It was the first costume party we have been to since…..since…hmmmmm…high school??? Anyway, hopefully I can get a hold of some pics to put up soon. We had a great time! We did a mummy wrap for our activity/contest. It was so funny watching them! They had to get into groups and pick someone to wrap. The first team to wrap their person completely, won. I was dressed up as a witch, and my husband was dressed as a fairy!

It looks as though November is going to be a somewhat busy month. Lots of great things going on. I will be taking a road trip to Helena soon with a sorority sister. We are going to have so much fun shopping! All I can say is…scrapbooking stores!!! Yippee!!! I’ll also be visiting a friend of mine this week. Hi Joanne! Then I have a Women In Business retreat to go to. My son will be singing and playing guitar in another concert coming up in a week. Also, I’ll be going to see a play with a bunch of my sorority sisters! That’s always a lot of fun. We’ll be gathering to have dinner before the show, too. Then at the end of the month….Scrapbooking Retreat!!! Yes, you heard right! Three awesome days of doing nothing but scrapbooking! Is that heaven or what! Can’t wait!

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Day Before Scrapbook Carnival 2010

What a wonderful day I had today. At work, seeing I wasn’t going to be there the next day on my birthday, the boss and his wife bought me a lovely travel pack of lotions. They even brought in a chocolate cake to celebrate! That really made my day!

After work I headed to Calgary to meetup with my hubby and son at the hotel. When I finally arrived in Calgary at the hotel I was so tired. I fell asleep while my son and hubby went out for supper.

What a nice surprise when they got back. They brought me back a futo maki roll from the sushi restaurant. Yummmmmmm! So good!

Well, sleep time. I have a big day tomorrow!

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And the Week Goes On!

Well, it’s almost the weekend again! Yay! I just received my swap items back yesterday. I participated in a swap with CanadianScrapperGirl on It was an image swap with tags. What beautiful tags I received! And included was a little Thank You gift from CanadianScrapperGirl–a stick pin and shoe charm! I’ll have to do a YouTube video on them tonight so everyone can see how awesome they are! I can’t wait to use them! Sorry, I get so excited over the simplest things.

I crafted with Heidi last night. That was a lot of fun! I continued working on my backpack mini album that I’m auctioning off at the next sorority meeting as I watched Heidi’s creations. I got to meet several new ladies on the chat. Hi Terrie and Angela! We are now officialy (I think) the Gothamettes! We had to think of something. We are such Heidi groupies already! LOL! Now we need some t-shirts! Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. Hopefully I can continue on tonight with my mini. I don’t have a lot of time left to finish it.

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