We R Memory Keepers Frame Punch Board – Review

Ever wonder what the We R Memory Keepers Frame Punch Board is like?  Well…I’m about to show you!  Check out my latest video…

Well, what did you think?  Did I convince you to take the plunge?  Was there anything I missed?  Please let me know.

I’m hoping to make my review of tools a regular thing.  So if there is any kind of tool you would like to see, let me know in the comments!

CSI Case File #221

I’m starting the year off by trying to keep up with some challenges I enjoy!  Color Stories Inspiration is my favorite!  There are so many talented ladies in this group.  I love being a part.

I chose from the Evidence to use string, banners; different color letter stickers; and leaves as the 3 clues for my layout.  For the Testimony I documented a birthday…my son’s birthday!

I loved making this layout!  It reminded me of the many cakes I made for my son.  I always tried to make a different one each year.  I was definitely not a expert cake decorator by any means, but I did enjoy it.  What got me started was the fact that my son had an allergy to milk.  Pretty much all of the cakes that are store bought have milk in them.  So I had to make his.  He so appreciated them!  He was excited every year to see what I created.

I love the bright colors in this layout.  And I’m in love with the cluster I made at the top right corner!  I would love to hear your comments.  And if you get a chance, you should try a challenge at CSI.  And before I forget….CSI is celebrating their 5th Birthday!!!  So lets give a big shout out to them….Happy Birthday CSI!

What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday? #384

Well…its been a rough week or so.  Dad (In Law) took a tumble while walking back from a grocery store.  He thought he was a spring chicken still, so he walked three very long blocks using only his cane (he has a walker).  He made it there, but tripped on a curb on the way back.  Someone called the ambulance.   (more…)